The fruit and vegetable sector meets again at the 12th edition of FRUIT ATTRACTION

The agri-food fair held on 5, 6 and 7 October at IFEMA in Madrid once again successfully brought together more than a thousand fruit and vegetable companies from more than 40 countries.

After a 2020 without trade fairs due to the pandemic, the fruit and vegetable sector has returned to meet again at the long-awaited Fruit Attraction 2021 in Madrid. An agri-food event which, of course, Francisco Maleno García S.L couldn’t miss.

Our representatives have come to Fruit Attraction to learn first-hand about the latest developments and trends in the fruit and vegetable sector, strengthen business relationships and take advantage of the opportunity to forge new ones.

Why Fruit Attraction?

Fruit Attraction is much more than a 3-day trade fair for agricultural and agri-food companies. For our fruit and vegetable sector, Fruit Attraction is a commercial meeting point where companies from all over the world can discover, talk to and get to know each other.

Regardless of the size of the companies, organisations and agricultural cooperatives, Fruit Attraction gives us all the chance to meet face to face to create synergies and open up new business opportunities in new markets, which is a great commercial and expansion tool.

In addition, Fruit Attraction is the date and place where the vast majority of companies involved in the marketing and export of fruit and vegetables decide to officially present their company’s new products and services.

“Fruit Attraction has once again served to confirm and outline existing business relations and make new contacts which, a priori, are interesting. However, until these business ties are established, it will not be possible to verify their relevance.” – Javier Maleno González (General Manager)

This year more than ever

It is always important for us to participate and be present at fruit and vegetable sector fairs such as Fruit Attraction, but this year it is perhaps more important than ever. After such a long time without trade fairs, meeting again with clients, suppliers and great agricultural professionals at IFEMA has been a vital and necessary experience for the resurgence of many companies that, after a very tough season, have been affected by covid-19 and its economic consequences.

Another point in favour is the event’s calendar. This year the Fruit Attraction fair has taken place at a key commercial moment for the supply and demand of our fresh fruit and vegetables.

However, restrictions in other countries due to covid-19 and uncertainty have meant that this year a large number of companies have opted for a virtual presence on the Live Connect platform, or even not to be represented at all. This is the opinion of our Managing Director, Javier Maleno González:

“This year there has been less activity in making contact with a larger number of companies, and there has also been a significant absence of representation from companies from other countries.

I am left with the feeling that, rather than looking for new markets and business lines, the interesting thing in this edition, after two years marked by social and consumer instability, has been to maintain existing relationships and business lines, at least until market stability and a general normality that favours facing new challenges takes hold”.

Once in Almeria, at Francisco Maleno García S.L we are preparing to analyse and manage all the work carried out during our attendance at Fruit Attraction in order to continue producing, handling and exporting our fruit and vegetables at the forefront of the fruit and vegetable sector.