Types and varieties of cucumber – how do they differ?

Depending on the time of sowing, our farmers choose earlier or later cucumber varieties with different characteristics and production cycles.

In Spain we can find a large number of cucumber varieties that can be divided or differentiated according to their texture (rough and smooth) or their size (long cucumber, midi cucumber, mini cucumber and snack).

However, in this article we will focus on distinguishing the 3 varieties of cucumber that our farmers produce in order to pack and export them from Francisco Maleno García, S.L.

Origin and curiosities of the cucumber

Before we start talking about the types and varieties of cucumbers most commonly grown in our greenhouses, we would like to tell you some interesting facts about this vegetable that is in such high demand in different national and international markets.

  • The cucumber belongs to the cucurbitaceae family, and its botanical or scientific name is Cucumis sativus.

  • Originally from the tropical regions of South Asia, this vegetable began to be cultivated more than 3000 years ago in India, but it was not the Romans but the Romans who introduced cucumber cultivation to other parts of Europe.

According to legend, cucumber was one of Emperor Tiberius’ favourite vegetables. Therefore, in order to ensure its availability all year round, the Romans started to cultivate cucumber in different places in structures similar to the greenhouses in Almería.

  • Nowadays, Spain is one of the countries that produces and exports the largest amount of cucumber internationally, with Almeria and Granada being the provinces that cultivate, handle and distribute the largest number of hectares of greenhouses to other European, American and Asian countries.

  • In recent years, the area of cucumber cultivation in greenhouses has increased significantly, which allows a greater demand for cucumber from national and international markets to be met throughout the year.

Did you know that cucumber has great health benefits?

Thanks to its high water content, cucumber is one of the most refreshing and moisturising foods on the market and a natural diuretic, with a depurative effect, which helps regulate blood pressure.

Its vitamin C has a great antioxidant power that stimulates and strengthens the immune system and also contains minerals such as silicon, which favours the formation of collagen, taking care of our skin and the soft tissues of our body.

Cucumber varieties produced by our farmers

Now that you know some curiosities and general benefits of cucumber, we can start to distinguish the different varieties of cucumber that our farmers produce in their greenhouses under plastic.

Almeria cucumber

Also known as Dutch type cucumber, the Almería cucumber is one of our star products in Francisco Maleno García S.L.

In general, this type of cucumber stands out for being one of the most exported varieties from Spain at an international level.

With sizes of between 30 and 38 cm, it is an elongated vegetable with a thin, ribbed skin. Its colour is dark green and shiny, and it is also characterised by its crunchy flesh and slightly sweet and refreshing flavour, ideal for eating with oil and salt.

As for its production and harvesting, in Francisco Maleno García S.L. it usually starts in September (at the beginning of the season), being October, November and December the months of highest production.

French cucumber

The French cucumber is very similar to the Almeria cucumber but shorter in length, between 18 and 25 cm. Like the Almeria type cucumber, it stands out for its intense green colour and refreshing taste, but depending on the variety cultivated, it can be smooth or spiny.

Moreover, its optimal production months are also different. In this case, its season in Francisco Maleno García S.L. begins in December and lasts until April, after which its supply begins to diminish.

Another variety of cucumber with which it is usually similar is the Spanish type cucumber. However, the French cucumber is slightly larger, has fewer thorns and a milder taste.

Did you know that the French cucumber is the variety most commonly used to make the classic Gazpacho Andaluz recipe?

Mini Cucumber

The mini cucumber is a vegetable very similar to the Almeria cucumber but shorter in length, between 9-10 cm, and milder in colour.

Like the Almeria cucumber, it has a crunchy texture in the mouth and a refreshing taste that you can enjoy between meals as a snack thanks to its small size.

Another key aspect that differentiates it from other cucumbers is its optimum production months at Francisco Maleno García S.L., which this time correspond to November and December.

Specialists in the production and export of cucumber from Almeria

We are specialised in production and export of Almeria cucumber and Mini Cucumber. Our farmers are advised at all times by qualified technicians from Francisco Maleno García SL to be able to supply the markets of the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany and other European countries, with the highest quality guaranteed, at the forefront of fruit and vegetable.

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