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Cucumber is one of the crops with the highest production in our greenhouses in Almeria. Discover its many properties and health benefits.
Peppers are the number one vegetable grown in Almeria in terms of surface area. Find out what types of peppers we produce and export.
cultivo berenjena invernadero almeria magar
Find out about the benefits and properties of aubergines, one of the most prized vegetables in the Mediterranean diet and also one of the most demanded by countries all over the world…
Courgettes are characterised by being a very light vegetable with a mild flavour and multiple benefits from which we can take advantage of both the fruit and its flowers…
Winter is a season whose low temperatures make it impossible to produce fruit and vegetables in certain countries around the world, but not in Almeria. The structures of the greenhouses and…
The fruit and vegetable company is once again putting all its enthusiasm and know-how into the international fruit and vegetable production and export campaign that will take place in…
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