Francisco Maleno García S.L visits Fruit Attraction 2022. The most important international event in the fruit and vegetable sector

From 4 to 6 October, Madrid once again became the world fruit and vegetable capital thanks to an edition of Fruit Attraction which, organised by IFEMA MADRID and FEPEX, broke all records for participation and attendance.

Equipo Francisco Maleno García S.L

As a fruit and vegetable production and export company in Almeria, Francisco Maleno García S.L could not miss this great event in the sector to learn about the new products presented in this 14th edition of Fruit Attraction 2022, consolidate business relationships and open new avenues for expansion into other markets.

Here is a brief summary of what we have been able to see this year at the most important agri-food fair in Spain and one of the most important in the world.

Spain, world leader in the fruit and vegetable market

Of the 55 exhibitor countries, Spain has been the main protagonist in this fruit and vegetable fair where the national presence of practically all the autonomous communities involved in fruit and vegetable production in our country has been highlighted.

In addition, Javier Maleno (General Manager) says that there is an increasing international presence:

“Especially this year, we are seeing more interest and a lot more importers or distributors from all over Europe, and even from other parts of the world that didn’t have a presence before, which is making it more and more interesting to come here”.

In the case of Europe, this year’s edition of Fruit Attraction saw companies from France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal and Poland. But there has also been a significant increase in Africa and the entry of countries such as Colombia, Serbia, the United States, Korea, Peru, Chile, South Africa and India.

Therefore, for a fruit and vegetable company such as ours, located in the Poniente Almeriense, Fruit Attraction is more than just a trade event, it is a business opportunity where we can strengthen relationships that we already had in place while discovering other interesting companies and markets with which to work and expand our fruit and vegetable marketing. Especially this year, which has once again been held in such a key month for the planning of agri-food campaigns.

“There are good expectations for this season, although we also have to be very cautious about how the increase in prices and the rise in living costs will affect the consumer. If it is going to have an impact on the consumption of our vegetables”

Andalusia, 1st Guest Region at Fruit Attraction

Andalusia is a world reference in fruit and vegetable production. According to data from the Customs and Excise Department:

In 2021 Andalusia remained the first exporting community in Spain, with 4.5 million tonnes (1% more than the previous year) and a value of 6,052 million euros (+7%).

As Andalusian fruit and vegetable producers, we were proud to see Andalusia as the 1st Guest Region at Fruit Attraction, as this is an excellent opportunity for those who did not know us to see first-hand the great fruit and vegetable wealth of our land and the extraordinary quality of our produce.

“Work, perseverance and enthusiasm, the success to keep growing”

Despite the difficulties experienced over the last two years in all sectors, “we have been caught in a situation in which we have grown by 30% in our export volume”

An increase that has led us to considerably expand our facilities in Almeria “to be able to take on this increase in production and be more operational when it comes to working and doing better”

Listen to the interview that our general manager, Francisco Maleno, gave to Radio Cope during his visit to Fruit Attraction 2022.


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