Fruit and vegetable season 2021/2022. News and progress for Francisco Maleno García S.L

Once again this year, Francisco Maleno García S.L. is putting all its enthusiasm, enthusiasm and know-how into the international fruit and vegetable production, handling and export campaign that began in September with news and good news for our fruit and vegetable company.

With our farmers working in greenhouses throughout the province of Almería and our facilities optimised, at Francisco Maleno García S.L. we are more than ready to meet the demands of an increasingly dynamic, changing and digital market.


In addition to the fruit and vegetables already produced and exported in previous agricultural seasons, this 2021/2022 season we will add two new fruit and vegetable products to our catalogue: Palermo peppers and aubergines.

Pepper type Palermo

Also known as Italian pepper, the Palermo type pepper is one of the most coveted types of peppers in the kitchen and in the intensive agriculture of Almeria due to its high brix level, which makes it a pepper rich in natural sugars and therefore, much sweeter than the rest.

The mild climate of our province and its long hours of sunshine allow our farmers to grow this vegetable in their greenhouses under plastic for several months, always guaranteeing the quality of their products, as well as their conservation and consumption at an international level.


Although in previous seasons we already had aubergines in and out of our warehouses, this year we will be able to respond to a higher percentage of demand thanks to the increase in the area with certified production in Global Gap, which now reaches approximately 1,000 hectares, with a production of 60,000 tonnes of aubergine, and concentrating its highest production levels between November and April.

The fruit of the aubergine (Solanum melongena) is an elongated or globular black berry, and its plant is characterised by being annual and herbaceous with strong stems and large, leafy leaves that generally have thorns on the underside. However, nowadays we can already find aubergine varieties without thorns on the calyx or leaves. This is a very positive development for the auxiliary insects installed to adapt properly.

Regarding its fruiting, the first inflorescence of the aubergine develops on the cross and it is not harvested until approximately 30-40 days later, depending on the climatic factors and the state of its ripeness, because we must emphasise that the aubergine fruit in physiological ripeness is not suitable neither for its commercialisation nor for its consumption.


At Francisco Maleno García S.L. we are specialists in the production and export of Mini Cucumber, French Cucumber and Almeria Cucumber thanks to the exhaustive quality controls and the know-how of our growers and staff, which allows us to guarantee their quality with the highest European standards.

But this year, we are also planning to take a very important leap forward in terms of production and export of Almeria Cucumber. A variety of cucumber with which we managed to reach 10 million kilos last season, and with which we are planning to reach at least 11 million kilos this season to export to the USA, Canada and European countries such as the United Kingdom (UK).

Do you want to know more about our cucumber varieties that we produce and sell in our fruit and vegetable company? Click here!


Francisco Maleno García S.L is a family company that produces and exports fruit and vegetables from Almería to the rest of the world with the highest quality standards.

Since our beginnings in 1965, innovation and the constant effort to be always at the forefront of fruit and vegetable production has been part of our identity. Now that the world is becoming increasingly digital and social networks are part of our daily lives, our company could not be left behind. That is why another of the novelties of this 2021/2022 campaign is our entry into the digital world with the updating of our website and the creation of our social networks. Don’t you know them yet?

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