Mini vegetables on the rise as healthy snacks

Aware of the growing trend for mini vegetables, more and more growers are opting for growing baby vegetables or mini vegetables in their greenhouses in Almeria.

Producción pepino mini en invernadero de Almería

Producing mini cucumbers is our speciality. And that’s why we are aware that beyond being a foodie trend, the consumption of mini vegetables has multiple benefits and advantages for health and the environment. Read on to find out more.


As the name suggests, mini vegetables are those varieties of common vegetables that are presented in a smaller format without renouncing the taste and quality of the conventional fruit. Like other mini products, the mini cucumber is one of the examples that can be found in European markets.

In the beginning, farmers started growing mini-vegetables in their greenhouses to meet a very specific demand coming from haute cuisine. However, their appeal was not limited to this sector and the market grew over time, allowing fruit and vegetable companies such as ours to specialise in the production and marketing of healthy snacks, such as mini cucumbers, to meet the needs of a growing market across Europe.

According to Mercados Magazine, “European consumers want snack vegetables”

The small size of mini vegetables is not only more visually appealing to customers, but also brings a number of advantages and benefits for health and the planet.


According to AECOC, 8 out of 10 consumers are spending more on healthy food than before the pandemic due to the concern for a strong immune system and care for physical health and the fight against obesity.

This concern for a healthier lifestyle has encouraged consumers to change their diet to a healthier, real food diet that allows them to:

  • maintain a healthy weight,
  • boost their immune system and defences,
  • take care of their gut health,
  • reduce internal inflammation,
  • reduce cellular oxidation,
  • and get rid of waste and toxins that live in the body.

But to do so, they must replace the ultra-processed, caloric and low-quality products they usually buy with healthy and sustainable foods such as mini vegetables grown in the greenhouses of Almeria.

Mini cucumber, for example, is an ideal alternative to satiate your appetite between meals in a healthy way and take advantage of the benefits of cucumber while avoiding other less healthy snacks. You can enjoy its flavour both raw and in drinks or as an ingredient in a typical dish such as Gazpacho Andaluz.

In short, the small size of mini vegetables offers a variety of advantages to our daily life:

  • It facilitates their transport and consumption anywhere and at any time.
  • It is more attractive for the consumer.
  • They contain the same nutritional characteristics, but with a milder and more delicate taste.
  • Many Michelin-starred chefs use mini vegetables in their dishes to make them more attractive and healthier.
  • They are grown in a sustainable way in the greenhouses of Almeria.


Another of the reasons why the consumption of mini vegetables is booming is the large number of single-family or single-person households around the world that need products that are better adapted to their lifestyle, with a smaller or individual format, to avoid food wastage.

In this sense, although it is true that some European countries have better established mini-vegetables in their markets, the almost 5 million people living alone in Spain have led to a significant increase in mini-vegetables also in the national market.

In Francisco Maleno García S.L. our aim is to “guarantee the needs of the present in the food sector, without compromising the capacities and way of life of future generations”.

For this reason, mini cucumbers grown in our greenhouses in Almeria are not only booming because of their multiple benefits and advantages, but also because of their sustainable cultivation which guarantees us to supply markets all over Europe with top quality fruit while at the same time contributing to the fight against climate change and food waste.

Comercialización Pepino Mini MAGAR


Now that you know the advantages of mini vegetables and their market trend, do not hesitate to contact our sales team for more information about our mini cucumbers.

At Francisco Maleno García SL we are specialists in producing and marketing different varieties of cucumber with the maximum quality guarantee.