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For Francisco Maleno García S.L, distance has never been a barrier that prevented us from bringing the fruit and vegetables of our farmers in Almería closer to the rest of the world; but rather an opportunity to grow and allow anyone to enjoy healthy, real food with products like ours, of the best quality certified by European standards.

However, the pandemic has taught us that we could still be closer to our customers, friends and consumers if we entered the world of social networks. And that’s what we have done!

If there is something we like in Francisco Maleno García S.L is to interact, talk and share in a close, direct and familiar way all the news and issues of interest that arise in our company or in our sector.

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For us, our Facebook account is a direct channel of communication with our farmers and employees through which we can keep informed, share and dialogue with our entire team on any issue related to the fruit and vegetable sector or with Francisco Maleno García S.L


Through our Instagram profile, we seek to bring the brands of Francisco Maleno García S.L. closer to our end consumers with advice and valuable content that allows them to learn about the benefits and certified quality of all the fruit and vegetables from Almeria that we produce, pack and export from our warehouses located in the west of Almeria to markets in other parts of the world such as Europe, the United States and Canada.

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Are you looking for a new job in Almeria? Would you like to expand your market by collaborating with new fruit and vegetable companies in the Almerian countryside that provide you with certified quality fruit and vegetables?

LinkedIn will allow us to strengthen and build new professional relationships based on the direct communication of our actions, as well as the closeness and trust of a family business like ours, with more than 50 years of experience in the agricultural sector.

Get to know Francisco Maleno García S.L., a family company at the forefront of fruit and vegetable growing.

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