Our commitment to the future

An essential asset

The key to our objectives

Our main objective as a business is clear and concise: “To ensure the needs of the present in the food sector, without compromising the capabilities and livelihoods of future generations”. To reach this goal, it is clear to us that we must strike a balance between economic, social and environmental resources.

Social Development and Cultural Diversity
Sustainable economic growth


“If we are able to protect the environment, we can make a real and effective fight against climate change”

Fighting climate change

An objective that goes hand in hand with the overall objective of this section: environmental protection. Two variables directly related to the same objective, to contribute our grain of sand to the preservation and improvement of the health of our planet.


The reward for more than 50 years of hard work.

We hold three of the most important certifications for the food industry in Europe: IFS FOOD, BRC FOOD SAFETY and GLOBAL GAP.

  • Fighting climate change

“Our main value is the water optimisation that we and our farmers carry out in the cultivation of crops under plastic. In the province of Almeria we lead the way in the efficient use of this precious resource, as we consume half as much water as the average for the rest of Spanish agriculture, with a water footprint up to 20 times smaller”.

Nacional impact

Almeria is one of the provinces with the smallest water footprint in the country


We are proud to be part of our agricultural sector in Almeria because we are at the forefront of R+D. We have demonstrated this by being pioneers in drip irrigation and in the integration of biological control, which have allowed us to reduce the use of chemical pesticides and phytosanitary products and to optimise water resources.


  • Reuse of rainwater through pipes in the greenhouse structures
  • Automated sensors
  • Remote control software
  • Drip irrigation
  • Automatic fertigation
  • Hydroponic crops
  • Biological pest control


Carbon dioxide is the biggest threat to our ozone layer and therefore a risk factor in the fight against climate change. The almost 32,000 hectares of intensive cultivation in the province of Almeria allow for the elimination of around 2.5 tonnes of this harmful gas per year.

“Distance is not a barrier to delivering our fruit and vegetables, but the opportunity for anyone to enjoy them”


  • Our Certificates

As a result of more than 50 years of know-how and our constant search for improvement, we hold five of the most important certifications for the food industry worldwide: BRC FOOD, IFS FOOD, GLOBAL GAP, GRASP and TESCO NATURE.

In line with global standards

Our commitment to sustainability also has a solid official basis. These certificates are further proof of this and reward the desire and enthusiasm we put into our daily work to continue growing in a world that is more respectful of the environment in all processes. Furthermore, all these certifications guarantee the excellent quality of our products, which is the cornerstone of our company.

Social development and cultural diversity

Another of our commitments as a company is based on inclusion in the workplace, regardless of social or cultural background. This position is reflected in the more than 20 different nationalities that can be found among our staff.

In addition, since 2020, Francisco Maleno has been part of the REMUS programme, aimed at promoting the recruitment of vulnerable women at risk of exclusion.

Sustainable economic growtH

Generate equitable wealth without harming natural resources.


Another of our goals as a company is to create economic well-being without causing problems for our planet.


We aim to continue improving and growing in our business model, based on the circular economy, where every gesture counts, and committed to:

  • Use of bio-compostable materials
  • Management of the return of reusable boxes to reduce the use of auxiliary materials.

What else?

At Francisco Maleno García S.L. we have followed the example of our land by defining the lines of our sustainability model in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations Organisation, directly addressing 4 of the goals set at a global level for 2030

Our commitment

3. Health and well-being

Joint pride and satisfaction:

One of the reasons we are proud of our company is the fact that we produce and export healthy and nutritious food to the population. Through the consumption of our products, we promote health and well-being.


Sport in our philosophy:

We collaborate directly with different sports clubs because we firmly believe in the relationship between sport and a balanced diet for a healthy lifestyle.

8. Decent work and economic growth  

The most important value:

Our employees are our top priority, which is why we have training programmes for everyone.

The combination for success:

We believe that the combination of these factors are the key to success for decent work with economic growth that is sustained over time.

9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Global needs:

Basic infrastructure, such as roads, information technology, electricity and water, remains in short supply in many developing countries. Both in the fruit and vegetable sector in Almeria and in our company, awareness of water use and infrastructure innovation go hand in hand.

Constantly improving:

Our packaging lines are fully optimised for maximum energy savings and reduced material waste. In our logistics chain, we reduce costs and emissions by consolidating loads by destination.

10. Responsible production and consumption 

Improvement is the only option:

Every year an estimated 1/3 of all food produced ends up rotting. This is the equivalent of 1.3 billion tonnes with a value of close to one trillion dollars.

We adapt the processes:

Both our cold stores and our quality control team analyse the products from their growth and harvesting to their safe transport in order to avoid product losses. Our main objective is to ensure that our products are fully usable and consumable. We believe in the value of producing responsibly and consuming consciously.

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