Types of peppers: varieties we grow and export from Almeria

Peppers are the number one vegetable grown in Almeria in terms of surface area and, with almost 1.5 million tonnes, Spain has once again become the leading European pepper producer.

Pimiento california rojo MAGAR

As we have already mentioned, Spain is the country in Europe that produces the most peppers and is also the largest supplier of this vegetable to European markets, with Germany, France and the United Kingdom being the main importers of Almeria peppers.

About peppers...

Like our vine tomato or aubergine, the pepper belongs to the Solanaceae group, specifically to the genre Capsicum. (chilli or pepper), which includes about 75 categories and more than 2,300 species.

History of peppers

This vegetable originated in South America, and it was Christopher Columbus who brought the pepper to Europe in 1493. At that time, the Native Americans referred to the pepper as chili, but the Spanish and Portuguese used the name "pimiento" because of its similarity in taste to the black pepper (Piper nigrum L.).

It was not until the 16th century that peppers began to be cultivated in Spain and then spread to Italy and France.

The introduction of the cultivation of capsicum in Europe meant a very important advance in gastronomy, replacing black pepper to a large extent.

Sale of peppers

The pepper crop from Almeria has gained strength and relevance in national and European markets in recent years, which is why it is one of the most popular vegetables in our greenhouses. In fact, Almeria started this season 2021/2022 increasing the cultivated area of pepper for another year and exceeding for the first time the 12,000 hectares dedicated to this solanaceae.

But what types of pepper do we export from Francisco Maleno García S.L.?

Types of peppers we produce

To begin with, a pepper is a hollow fruit that comes from a herbaceous plant whose roots are considered to be pivotal, with a main root and a large number of secondary roots that have a much deeper root system than the tomato plant.

Moreover, its varietal catalogue is quite wide, so in this article we will talk about the most cultivated types of peppers in our greenhouses of Almeria.

California Type Pepper

Pimiento california comercialización MAGAR

California Type Pepper is mainly characterised by its central cavity, its square shape and its size, as it is a short and wide fruit.

Its thick wall consists of three to four well-marked hulls, a calyx and the base of the stalk below or at shoulder level.

It can be harvested in green, yellow, orange and red.

Palermo Pepper Type

Known as Pimiento Tipo Palermo, Italian pepper or "frying pepper", it is one of the best known and sweetest varieties due to its high brix content.

This type of pepper has an elongated, thin and pointed shape.

We can find them in green or red, both colours being intense and bright.

Hot Pepper

Pimiento picante almería MAGAR

Last but not least is the hot pepper. A thin, elongated, small-sized fruit with a very hot taste due to its high capsaicin content, a chemical component that stimulates the heat receptor in the skin, especially the mucous membranes.

They can also come in green and red.

Pepper exports, at the forefront of fruit and vegetable exports

The quality of pepper production in Almeria is unquestionable and far superior to that offered from other countries. Proof of this are the phytosanitary alerts due to residues that are generated in other countries and which have not been produced in our agriculture for almost five years.

In Francisco Maleno García S.L we carry out exhaustive quality controls of all our peppers to guarantee their export, complying with the established food safety standards.

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