Melon production: properties and trellising

Summer is approaching, and one of the fruits with which we most associate this season is the melon, as it is a food that makes us enjoy its flavour and quenches our thirst and appetite. Did you know that there are several types of melon? At MAGAR we are specialists in the cultivation of yellow melon.

Campaña de melón amarillo MAGAR

Its colour and texture are striking at first sight, and its flavour is one of the sweetest. It stands out for its whitish-green flesh, juicy and sweet flavour. Its skin is thinner than that of other melons, so it should be eaten more quickly than usual so that it does not spoil.

When does the melon season start?

Melon production at Francisco Maleno García S.L. begins in April, continuing with its peak season in May, and ending in June; just in time to offer you the best and highest quality product in summer.

In order for the melon to have an optimum production, temperatures must be relatively high and not necessarily humid, as humidity can affect production and quality.

Light, in turn, is another factor that also significantly affects the fast growth of melons, so as long as it is not accompanied by excessively high temperatures, it will always be beneficial.

However, this spring's weather has not been a great advantage for melon production. The entry of dust into the greenhouses due to the haze and the lack of light accompanied by heavy rains has greatly affected the setting of the melon, delaying this year's 2022 campaign and considerably reducing the kg of production.

How is melon grown?

In some of Francisco Maleno García S.L.'s greenhouses we use the technique of trellising to grow our yellow melon. This technique consists of guiding the plant for optimum growth and offers very positive results in the yellow melon, as it increases the quality of the fruit.

In this way, we cultivate the melon without the need for the plant to be trampled when harvesting, and it allows us to cut each melon at its optimum point of ripeness, improving its useful life and offering you the best quality. Furthermore, thanks to the staking technique, we can eliminate in time the fruit that is not in good condition so that the melons that grow will always be of high quality.

But as innovation and improvement to be at the forefront of fruit and vegetable growing is part of our DNA, this year we have been working in many of our greenhouses in Almeria on how to perfect the yellow melon staking technique, opting for a more hybrid technique that would allow us to take advantage of the benefits of planting in the ground and also of staking.

From our fruit and vegetable warehouse we export yellow melon and other vegetables to markets in the United Kingdom, the USA, Canada and countries throughout Europe such as Germany, making sure that the produce that reaches them is ripe and that they receive it with the highest quality.

Cultivo melón amarillo almería MAGAR

Benefits and properties of melon

Melons have many health benefits, especially in summer, when they are most consumed. Some of these benefits are:

It is low in calories

And also in sugars (despite being so sweet), making it an ideal food both in cases of diabetes and for weight loss. In addition, melon is 90% water, and has a high fibre and potassium content, so it has a laxative and diuretic effect that helps to combat and prevent fluid retention and improve intestinal transit.

It is a food rich in vitamins

Melon is a fruit full of vitamins, so consuming it is very beneficial for our health:

  • Vitamin A is one of the most abundant and is essential for the proper functioning of the defences and for the protection of the skin from free radicals.

  • Vitamin C acts in the organism as an antioxidant necessary for the growth and repair of tissues, the formation of proteins that make up the skin, tendons and ligaments, the healing of wounds, and the absorption of iron.

  • Its B vitamins include vitamin B3 (which helps to reduce blood cholesterol levels), B6 and B12.

  • It also provides us with vitamins E and D.

High in collagen

Melons are in water, vitamins, flavour and collagen. A protein that promotes skin and tissue regeneration and helps prevent premature ageing.

But that is not the only benefit of melon's collagen levels:

  • It favours the healing of wounds, burns and damaged skin, for example, due to exposure to the sun.
  • It helps to improve eye health
  • And it provides muscle strength.

Specialists in the production and export of Yellow Melon from Almeria.

Now that you know everything about the yellow melon and its benefits, remember that you can contact us to guarantee the best quality to your customers.

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