Almeria’s greenhouses play a very important role in the European market for fruit and vegetable products. Almeria, known as the “Orchard of Europe”, has the capacity to grow produce all year round to satisfy the high demand of European markets such as France and Germany, among others.

But how are the greenhouses of Almeria? What advantages do they have for the consumer and for the planet? We can already tell you that they are many and they will surprise you. Keep reading!


The greenhouses we have in Almeria are structures designed to take advantage of solar energy and control the cultivation of plants, offering excellent results throughout the year.

These greenhouses use solar radiation as the main source of energy for the growth of plants and vegetables, and combine different technologies and elements to optimise the capture and use of solar energy.

Mainly, our greenhouses are composed of a resistant plastic structure that allows sunlight to penetrate the greenhouse, creating a favourable environment for the growth of our crops.

Their other great quality is their ability to harness the sun’s energy. Almeria has an ideal climate all year round and is one of the areas with the most hours of sunlight in the country, making it the ideal place to produce high quality fruit and vegetables. In addition, thanks to the structures of the greenhouses, solar radiation is converted into heat inside the greenhouse, helping to maintain a suitable temperature for growing plants during those few cold months that we usually have in our land.

In fact, another important feature of Almeria greenhouses is that they are designed to provide efficient thermal insulation. Using different cultivation techniques, our technicians and growers manage to maintain an optimum temperature inside their greenhouses even in unfavourable weather conditions, controlling not only the temperature but also the humidity, lighting and ventilation according to the needs of the vegetables for their optimum growth and development.


Although there are many myths surrounding the role of greenhouses in Almeria, the truth is that they provide numerous advantages to the consumer, the most obvious of which is the greater availability of fresh produce throughout the year in different countries around the world.

The greenhouses in which we grow allow us to produce fresh fruit and vegetables all year round, regardless of the season or the date of production. Therefore, the consumer has access to a wider variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, even when they are out of season, at a more affordable price than if they were available at a very specific time of year.

In addition, the consumer also enjoys a higher quality of produce, as greenhouse-grown produce offers superior quality compared to imported or open-grown produce.


Because the crops grown in the greenhouses of Almeria comply with the most demanding certification systems and good practice standards, which guarantee the traceability and quality of the food at all stages of production, the sustainability of the activity and compliance with good labour practices throughout the value chain. All of this in order to ensure that all the products that reach the consumer do so in optimum conditions and with the maximum quality guarantee.

Another important fact is that the need to use large quantities of pesticides and chemical products is eliminated. This allows consumers to enjoy healthier fruit and vegetable products for themselves and their loved ones, because there is only one health!

In Almeria we are leaders in the use of biological control to keep pests that threaten crops at harmless levels. A technique that is much more environmentally friendly, as it minimises the use of chemical pesticides and instead encourages biodiversity by using “barrier” plants and beneficial hosts and insects that act effectively to control pests.

Currently, 80% of the cultivated greenhouse area uses biological control, making it the largest cultivation area in the world using this environmentally friendly technique and the health of workers and consumers.


One of the main advantages of the Almeria greenhouses for the planet has to do with their commitment to sustainable agriculture.

These greenhouses promote the practice of sustainable agriculture by using solar energy as a source of renewable energy and optimising the use of resources such as water and nutrients with the use of drip irrigation, thus reducing the negative environmental impact that conventional agriculture can cause and resulting in greater productivity and better use of the resources available to us. Something that is undoubtedly necessary in these times.

They are also key because they allow our fruit and vegetables to be grown in a more controlled way in areas where the climate can be extreme or unpredictable, guaranteeing a stable and protected environment for production throughout the year.

All this, in turn, also makes it possible for fruit and vegetables to reach the different corners of Europe, increasing our country’s exports and contributing to an important economic benefit. This is why greenhouses play an essential role in the European Union.


In Francisco Maleno García S.L (MAGAR) we have greenhouses at the forefront of fruit and vegetable production in Almeria, where our farmers and agricultural technicians make use of advanced technologies and practices to maximize the efficiency and productivity of the production of our fruits and vegetables, in order to obtain optimal results.

Now that you know all the advantages of our greenhouses, do not hesitate to contact us to guarantee the best quality to your customers.