The sweetest months of the season have already arrived at Francisco Maleno García SL with the new yellow melon campaign. One of the favourite summer fruits whose production takes place in our greenhouses in Almeria during the months of April, May and June.

Characteristics of yellow melon

The yellow melon is one of the most demanded melons by the different national and international markets due to its numerous distinctive characteristics that differentiate it from other melon varieties. characteristics that differentiate it from other melon varieties.

The one we sell in our fruit and vegetable company in Almeria usually stands out at first sight for its lemon or golden yellow skin, depending mainly on the variety planted. This difference with other melons, which can have green, orange or reticulated tones, means that it catches the consumer’s attention as soon as it is seen in the market.

It also stands out for being a seasonal fruit with an ovoid shape, thick and smooth skin, and a very attractive size for the customer.

On the palate, its flesh is juicy, tender, with a smooth texture and shades between green and white, although there are varieties that can be slightly more orangey in colour.

However, what really differentiates the yellow melon from other melon varieties is its high Brix content; an indicator that not only helps us to know the nutritional state of our crop, but also helps us to know the optimum harvesting point to guarantee the quality of the fruit; in this case, the yellow melon. The higher the Brix levels, the sweeter the melon is because it has a greater presence of sugars. This is why yellow melon is known to be one of the sweetest melons on the market.

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Aspects influencing the quality of Yellow Melon

Clean, fresh, firm, well-developed… There are several aspects that may influence the quality of yellow melons and today we want to talk to you about them so that you know how to make the right choice, because not all yellow melons are the same.

To begin with, the choice of the yellow melon variety can affect the quality of the fruit. Some varieties have specific characteristics of flavour, texture and aroma that can be more appreciated than others, so you must select a variety that stands out for its quality and good flavour, and that adapts to the needs of each market. The variety that we market at Francisco Maleno García S.L. is ideal for international export as it offers a high standard of quality and good post-harvest preservation.

But this is not the result of chance. The time of harvest and ripeness of the yellow melon is also crucial in determining its quality. That is why we always start the production respecting as much as possible the times stipulated in the production calendar in order to obtain the best flavour and texture. Remember that if it is harvested too early, it can be tasteless and hard, while if it is harvested too late, it can be too soft and of inferior quality.

The external appearance of the yellow melon can be another indicator of its quality. If you want to get it right, always choose a melon with a smooth rind, without spots or big bruises. However, slightly shredded fruit can also be accepted for climatic or varietal reasons. In our fruit and vegetable company we sell smooth (not grated) and firm varieties, so that our customers can appreciate the high quality of the product they have chosen just by touching it.

The aroma also says a lot about the yellow melon. A ripe, high quality melon will have a sweet and fragrant aroma. But if, on the other hand, it emits an unpleasant smell, be very careful, because it may be a sign of bad condition.

Last but not least, the texture of the melon should be juicy, tender and smooth. It is important to avoid melons with a fibrous or leathery flesh, as this indicates inferior quality or that they are not in good conditions for consumption.

Trellising of yellow melon

In Francisco Maleno García S.L. (MAGAR) we are committed to the trellising of yellow melon, a technique that consists of guiding the plant for optimum growth and which offers very positive results in yellow melon, increasing the quality of the fruit and the production.

“We do this on our own farms and also with some of our growers who share our philosophy of innovation and of improving everything little by little” (Javier Maleno, General Manager).

This management allows us to make the cut at the optimum point of ripeness and sugar and to make as many harvesting passes as necessary, because we can make better use of the fruit set by not treading on or damaging the plants.

But our ambition to continue improving and advancing does not stop there. “There are many things that can be done in our agriculture, we cannot be satisfied with always doing the same thing. In order to seek profitability for our farmers and our companies, we have to be constantly innovating”. That is why last year, and this new season too, we decided to introduce some improvements to perfect the trellising of melon in our greenhouses in Almeria, and convert the original technique into a semi-trellising with which we can take advantage of the fall of the main stem to protect the fruit from the sun, improve the humidity demanded by the crop and reduce the difference in harvesting compared to the ground.

Get the best yellow melon for your customers

At Francisco Maleno García S.L we are specialists in the production of yellow melon for export to countries throughout Europe such as Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, France and the United Kingdom, among others.

Contact us for more information about any of our fruit and vegetable products. We will be delighted to help you.